The entrance to the Kimmel Center Parking Garage is located just south of the Broad Street entrance to the building and can be accessed only by cars traveling south on Broad Street.

Parking may be pre-purchased online for either the Kimmel Center Garage or the Avenue of the Arts Garage by selecting a link below. Pre-paid parking is available most weekends and weekday evenings. Pre-paid parking is not available on all performance dates.

Pay stations at the Kimmel Parking garage
The automated parking system at the Kimmel Center garage is similar to the PPA street parking pay stations that you can find on many streets throughout the city. The automated system streamlines the parking experience by reducing the bottleneck upon entering. Each parking space is numbered and visitors enter their number at the pay stations located in each of the three elevator lobbies in the garage. Payment can be made by credit, debit or cash [exact change only.] There is also a smart phone app available for Android and iPhone that allows patrons to set up a pay by phone account www.parkingmobile.com.

Kimmel Center Garage Hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 6am – 11pm
  • Saturday, 8am – 11pm
  • Sunday, 8am – 11pm
  • Attendant available daily 7am-11pm

Kimmel Center Garage Fees:

Weekdays (Monday to Friday):

  • In before 10am, out by 6:00pm: $12
  • In after 10am, out by 6:30pm: $21
  • In after 5pm: $24

Saturday and Sunday:

  • 8am to 5pm: $21
  • In after 5pm: $24