Donor List

Thank you for your generous support!

The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia would like to acknowledge the generosity of those who ensure our future for years to come. These gifts help preserve our history, as well as strengthen our mission and commitment to the City of Philadelphia.

The Ensemble Society

(Updated Jan 4, 2019)

Symphony Circle
$10,000 & above

Joseph and Marie Field
William A. Loeb
Graham and Susan McDonald
Kenneth Jarin, Esq. and Robin Wiessmann
Miles Morgan
Renaat and Daisy Van den Hooff-Mertens
Stephen W. and Kathleen Thompson
Joan and William Goldstein

Concerto Circle
$5,000 & above

Michael DeLaurentis
Carole Haas Gravagno
Jeff Leauby
Charles R. & Jillian Peterson
Suzanne J. Peck
Meyer Madway*


Suite Circle
$2,500 & above

John W. Cornell
Seymour Millstein
Suzanne Walker and Thomas Gilmore
Paul S. Anderson
Bruce and Cynthia Maryanoff
Dr. Joan Parker
Arnold M. Weiss

Overture Circle
$1,000 & above

Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey
Peter and Pamela Freyd
Frances Tate and William Gardner
    in memory of Joseph H. Gardner
Charles and Alison Graham
David DeGeorge
James W. Harper
Bruce and Joan Leauby
Carolyn and Robert Mason
    in memory of Jimmy Holesovsky
Gregory and Susan Moore
Rosanne and Sam Spear
Silver Sun Traders, Inc.
Stephen and Rosalyn Weinstein
Arnold M. Weiss
Rosemarie and John A. Trainer Jr.
     in honor of Ellen C. Trainer and all the Chamber Orchestra musicians
Marji Rosenbluth Philips and Carole M. Rosenbluth Saft
Gregg Whiteside
Margaret and Keith Barnette
Jack and Karen Fulton
Vincent N. and Lila A. Russo

The Patron’s Circle

Sonata Circle
$500 & above

Debra Weissbach and Neil Cohen
David and Barbara Daniels
Janice Dupont
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart and Maureen Fleming
Dr. Douglas and Anne Holsclaw
Laura and Bernard Jacobson
William F. Koons
Reinhard and Sue D. Kruse
Frederick and Elena Kyle
Dr. Eileen Grogan and Dr. Richard Lund
Barbara and Ann Moskow
Kit Reeve
    in memory of Kimi Reeve
Suzanne Walker and Thomas Gilmore
David and Ilene Winikur
Gregory and Aiko Whiting
Kenneth Catanella
Mary J. Fallon
     in honor of the Chamber Orchestra staff
Albert and Alice Doering
Dr. and Mrs. Markowitz
Clark McSparren
     in memory of Ethelmae McSparren
Henry G. Tutek, Esq.
William and Linda Spink
Eileen M. Gildea and Leah Chaplin
Kenneth Hutchins
Richard Markowitz, MD
Robert E. Mortensen
Joseph A. Flear
Diane and Bill Marimow
David and Ilene Winikur

Largo Circle
$250 & above

Paul and Amelia Batastini
Dr. Benjamin and Lily Bennov
Norman Cohen
Miles and Susan Davis
David W. Durham
Robert DiOrio
James and Wendy Emrich
Paul and Judith Farber
Ellen Goldener
    in honor of Susan McDonald
Steven Marino and Carol Hertzoff
Fred Hoevenaar
Elizabeth Hornberger
Jeff and Brenda Howard
Glenna L. Huls
Andrea Immel
Frank and Mary Kaderabek
Stephen Kieran
    on behalf of Barbara DeGrange Kieran
Richard B. Klein
Barbara Kotzin
Frederick and Elena Kyle
Lora Lavin
Richie Madden
Harvey Magarick
Marsha K. Mallet
Janet Fetkewicz and Stanton Mallis
Stephen J. Malloy
Joseph Manko
    in memory of Lynn Manko
Matthew Faranda-Diedrich and Tara McHugh
Laura McNicholas
Jeffrey Brillhart and Joacy Mendonça
    in honor of Martha Hitchins
Diana Post and Elizabeth Milroy
Gregory and Susan Moore
Professor Cory F. Newman
Edward Schultz and Beth Parke
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Praiss
Dr. Donald J. Rosato
Yumi and Henry Scott
David and Ruth Snyder
Anne Stephano
Susan M. Long & Andrew J. Szabo
Umit and Rosemary Turunc
Frank Konings and Vera Van De Velde
Daniel and Marilyn Veber
Horace E. Williams
Charles B. Woodward
Stephen Kieran
    on behalf of Barbara DeGrange Kieran
Rheta Smith

Rondo Circle
$100 & above

Anonymous (9)
    in honor of Miles Davis
Dr. Gary Agia
Jane and David Aker
John Alexanderson
    in honor of Ellie Winters
Patricia and Aldo Amodei
Abraham Avi Ashkenazi
Fred Allen Barfoot
    in honor of Miles Davis
Paul and Amelia Batastini
Raquel Benabe-Lane
Mary and Darrel Blumm
Bosox Club Incorporated
Peter J. Boyer
Jeanne R. Brna
Anita Brody
Allison Butler
William Calvano
Frederick J. Ciao
William and Giovanna Cilia-Wheatley
Norman Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J Conrad
Donald Coppersmith
Deborah Curtiss
Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz
John Dale
Audrey E. Evans and Giulio Dangio
William B. Davis
Karen Steenhoudt- Dell’Orco
JoAnne and Albert DiSanto
    in memory of Robert Capana
Diana and Stuart Donaldson
Jay M. Donner
Peter Dunn
Pauline T. Durand
Bill Eisen
John and Nancy Fischer
Dr. Luz Elvira Duque Hammershaimb, E. Amse Heck, Dr. Adrianne Hammershaimb, Alex Hammershaimb
    in memory of Mr. Edgar C. Hammershaimb
Nancy Feld and Ned Heltzer
Algund Hermann
Frank Hochmuth
Mauriel Holland
Hon. Harris and Sande Hollin
Lorna Hoopes-Hardt
Shep Houston
George and Nina Ikeda
Andrea Immel
Blanche and Harold Jacobs
Richard and Cameron Johnson, Jacqueline Cunningham
Richard and Sandra Josephs
Edward J. Kamarauskas
    in memory of Albert Kamarauskas
Marsha Kaplan
in memory of Ronald Kaplan
Beth Kayros
Kay and Marvin Keenze
Paula T. Silver and Charles Kelbley
Ralph Kendricks
Cecily Kihn
Christine Killough
Yeong Kim
Harold Kobb
Garry A. Kramer
Marilyn and David Kraut
Jerry and Kathy Kreider
Ed and Dena Lake
    in honor of Clara, 1-Year-Old
Lee and Ruth Loewenstern
Wayne Lorgus
Greg and Lucy Maislin
Robert Mandeville
Sidney Margulies
Dagmar E. McGill
Kathleen McGrann
John Reading McHaffie
Richard and Barbara Menin
Steven Marino and Carol Hertzoff
Gregory and Susan Moore
William R. Muir, M.D.
Steve and Elizabeth Murray
Sara Nerken
    in honor of Charlie Albright
Jeanne and Glen Omans
Rosalyn Ominsky
Donald and Judy Paretchan
Davyd M. Booth and Christopher Perez
Joanne Rafferty
Mark Reber
Francis J. Reilly
Edward M. Resovsky
Beth Rogers
Judith and Richard Ross
Susan C. Saltzman
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Eleanor Sapers
Anne Schoemaker
Paul Schott
Bill and Lynn Seligman
Gail Sidewater
Anne Peterson and Gary Sippel
Mark Kushner and Eileen Sklaroff
Cecil Smith
Penny and Bruce Smith
Kathryn Taylor and Jonathan Sprogell
Joseph Stevens
Steve and Luci Stroiman
Ellen Szydlowski
Laura and Ken Taylor
Laura Stanton and Kim Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tschoepe
Daniel and Marilyn Veber
Mark Wagenveld
Joseph and Carol Wank
Robert Wilkinson
David and Ilene Winikur
F. Gordon Yasinow
Mr. and Mrs. Gary V. Zimmaro Sr.