Endow a Musician’s Chair

Endow a Musician’s Chair

Take center stage by endowing a musician’s chair at The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.

Our musicians are among the finest in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. Support their artistry and share your passion for a particular instrument by endowing a principal chair in your own name or in honor of someone special to you.

All Chair Endowers will:

1. Be listed alongside the name of the musician in concert programs

2. Receive recognition on the Chamber Orchestra’s website

3. Receive a special thank you from the musician who occupies your chair

Dirk Brossé, Music Director
The Dr. Hubert J.P. Schoemaker Memorial Conductor’s Podium

Violin I
Stephen Tavani, Concertmaster
Joseph and Marie Field Chair

Meichen Liao-Barnes,
Associate Concertmaster
William A. Loeb Chair

Igor Szwec
Luigi Mazzocchi
Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz

Violin II
Erica Miller, Principal*
Elizabeth Kaderbek
Donna Grantham

Matthew Cohen, Acting Principal
Ellen Trainer
Yoshihiko Nakano

T.B.D., Principal
Susan and Graham McDonald Chair
Elizabeth Thompson

Miles B. Davis, Principal
Kenneth M. Jarin and Robin Weissmann Chair

Anne Peterson

Edward Schultz, Principal
Dr. Joan Parker Chair
Frances Tate

Geoffrey Deemer, Principal
Nick Masterson

Doris Hall-Gulati, Principal
Miles Morgan Chair
Rié Suzuki

Michelle Rosen, Principal

John David Smith, Principal
Kathleen and Stephen Thompson Chair,
in memory of Kenneth A. Thompson

Karen Schubert

Rodney Marsalis, Principal
Joan and William Goldstein Chair

Brian Kuszyk

Martha Hitchins, Principal
Reverend Luis and Damaris Cortes Chair

*Leave of Absence

All chairs available for endowment unless otherwise noted.

Endowments are for five years and payable in annual installments.

Contact our Development Office, Josh Thomas at 215.545.5451 x 28 or via email at jthomas@chamberorchestra.org to begin your legacy to continue our beautiful music.